1. What is Avilla Bali Friends?
A: AVILLA BALI FRIENDS is a customer loyalty program by Avilla Hospitality, designed to reward our loyal friends for their stay at our participating hotels and villas.

2. Does it cost anything to join Avilla Bali Friends?
A: No, joining the loyalty program is FREE OF CHARGE.

3.How do I sign up?
A: You can sign up in our website at friends.avillabaligo.com or simply tick on the click box “Sign up to get member benefits” when you make a booking with us. You can also join the membership program by confirming an invitation that you will receive after staying in one of our participating hotels or villas.

4. How long will the membership application process take?
A: After you have signed up for AVILLA BALI FRIENDS, you will receive a confirmation letter with your login ID.

5. When will I receive my membership card?
A: The electronic membership card will be issued immediately upon the confirmation of a verification email once you have signed up. Simply login to your account and click on the “Membership E-Card” to acquire your personalized digital membership card.

6. Can I apply for more than one AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership?
A: AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership is awarded on an individual basis. Therefore, a member is only eligible for one account at any time.

7. Can I share my AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership with friends and family?
A: The membership is non-transferable since it is awarded to individual basis for individual travel purposes. Therefore, membership cannot be either shared, combined or transferred.

8. What are the AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership tiers and what tier will I get upon joining?
A: There are three tiers in AVILLA BALI FRIENDS, starting from Blue, Silver and Gold. Blue tier will be automatically awarded upon you joining our program.

9. What is ABF Coin?
A: ABF Coin is the name of the points awarded to the members for their qualifying spend at our participating hotels and villas, which can later be redeemed for various rewards.  

10. What are the necessary requirements to upgrade for the next AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership tier?
A: Members will be automatically upgraded to the next tier upon achieving the minimum required amount of ABF Coin in the course of 12-month from the date of enrollment in the loyalty program

11. Once I have successfully upgraded to higher membership tier, when will I receive my new membership card?
A: Your new digital membership card will be immediately upgraded, and it will also show your new status.

12. When will the membership expire?
A: The membership has no expiry dates. Your membership points, however, will be renewed automatically if there is at least 1 (one) night transaction within the term period.

The point accumulation cycle is 1 (one) year or 12 (twelve) months from the enrollment date. During the one year period, members are eligible to earn points and upgrade to higher membership tier. However, as soon as you have reached a higher membership status level, a new period of 12 (twelve) months starts in which the amount of ABF Coin earned will determine the membership status level for the next 12 months.  

If members are not earning enough ABF Coins to keep their tier within the new cycle of 12 months period, the membership will be downgraded to the previous membership tier.

Membership accounts that have been inactive for any periods of 24 consecutive months will be closed. Thus, all benefits and rewards of membership and all unused ABF Coins would be cancelled.

13. ABF Coins are earned through staying at the qualifying room rates in participating hotels and villas. What is a qualifying room rate?
A: Qualifying rate is the actual rate paid by the member for a room at any participating hotels and villas for AVILLA BALI FRIENDS program, which is the published room rate found on the Avilla Hospitality booking website www.avillabaligo.com or each individual participating hotels and villas’ websites. The qualifying rate would not include online travel agent rates, promotional or special rates, sponsored, or any complimentary stays extended to the member for any reason.

14. How is ABF Coins awarded?
A: ABF Coins will be awarded to the members upon their stays at qualifying rate at participating AVILLA Hospitality hotels and villas. Members must quote their membership number upon reservation and present their membership e-card at the time of check-in for their stays at the participating hotels and villas

15. How many ABF Coins will I earn for my stays at the AVILLA Hospitality participating hotels and villas?
A: You will earn 1 ABF Coin every IDR 100,000 (a hundred thousand rupiahs) you spend in our participating hotels or villas at the qualifying rate.

16. How long will it take for the ABF Coins to be credited to my account after my stay?
A: ABF Coins will be credited to your account within 2 (two) days after the stay and upon all related payments are being made in full.

17. Which are the participating hospitality units included in AVILLA BALI FRIENDS loyalty program?
A: Currently, only 5 (five) hotels and villas are participating in AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership program, which include LeJardin Boutique Villas, Kokonut Suites, Berry Amour Romantic Villas, Berry Biz Hotel, and Berry Glee Hotel. However, no need to worry since MORE UNITS ARE JOINING SOON.

18. Can I get ABF Coins if I stay at the non-participating units but still managed by AVILLA Hospitality?
A: No, you can only get ABF Coins if you stay at the participating hotel and villas for the loyalty program.

19. Will I get awarded ABF Coins for my stays prior to joining AVILLA BALI FRIENDS?
A: No, members are only awarded ABF for the stays at qualifying rate, incurred AFTER their enrollment in AVILLA BALI FRIENDS

20. Can I earn ABF Coins for more than 1 room per stay?
A: You can earn ABF Coins for all the rooms you have booked in a single reservation at the qualifying rate, as long as you stay yourself in one of the rooms booked, and the payment is under your name. Therefore, if the rooms are paid under other people’s name, no Avilla Friendship Coins are earned.

21. If I share the accommodation with other members of AVILLA BALI FRIENDS, will we all be awarded with ABF Coins?
A: No, if you are sharing the room with other member(s), only one member who booked and paid for the room will be awarded with ABF Coins.

22. How can I check my ABF Coins? And how to redeem it?
A: You can log in on your account at friends.avillabaligo.com to see your points balance and transactional history. In order to redeem the ABF Coins, once you log into your account, go to the Reward Catalog section to see the available rewards and select your favorite reward to redeem.

23. How do I ensure that my ABF Coins from stays are all credited to my account?
A: Points you received from stays are automatically credited to your AVILLA BALI FRIENDS account each time you quote your membership number upon reservation and present your membership card upon check-in.

24. What if there are missing ABF Coins from my stays? How can I request for the crediting of coins?
A: If you do not see all your stays on the Transaction History after you login, please send us “Missing Points” inquiry to our customer service at membership@avillabaligo.com

25. Why can’t I redeem my ABF Coins?
A: There are some cases that cause you cannot redeem your points for the rewards:

  • You do not have enough points to redeem for the reward you have chosen. In this case, please choose another reward with less required ABF Coins or earn more to redeem later.

  • Your previous accumulated points have expired.

  • The reward you have chosen is not available. In this case, the website will show the notification to let you know that the particular reward is out of stock.

If you still have more concern about your redemption, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at membership@avillabaligo.com

26. Can my AVILLA BALI FRIENDS membership be terminated?
A: Membership can be terminated for fraud, misuse and abuse of the program benefits or rewards, as well as failure to follow the terms and conditions stated. This way, the ABF Coins will also be revoked. AVILLA Hospitality may also terminate any membership at its complete discretion, including all the ABF Coins' benefits and rewards will also be cancelled.